Rodeo operates in Italy and all over the world in multiple sectors such as shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical, energy, food and pharmaceuticalHaving equipment for on-shore and off-shore construction sites, we are able to work both at our warehouse and within the customer’s areas.



Welding & Assembly

Rodeo mainly deals with manual and semiautomatic welding and robotic.

In-site constructions

Rodeo is able to offer a wide range of construction, prefabrication and mechanical processing activities at its warehouse in Forlì (Italy).

Preventive, corrective & Stop maintenance

Rodeo is able to assist customers in the design and management of the maintenance process during the entire life of the plant using the most updated techniques.

Our strenghts

  • Safety culture continously communicated to the entire organization.
  • Training and professional updating of staff at all levels.
  • No accidents occurred up to now thanks to the safety measures adopted.
  • Certified personnel to ensure high quality of work.
  • Use of modern equipment for higher quality and lower risk of injury.
  • Quality certifications.

Our goals

  • Safety: maintaining the goal of “no accident” during the execution of the works through a continuous and daily monitoring and control of compliance with the laws and the specific regulations.
  • Customer satisfaction: Improving price allocation in order to offer better and competitive prices in line with the service requested by the customer. Maintaining the contract deadlines for the completion of works. Going on issuing a high quality output to allow customer loyalty.
  • Green policy: Reduction of the environmental impact through a differentiated waste collection imposed on staff, and gradual elimination of the use of paper and plastic.

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